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Church Address: 4828 Aster Drive, Nashville, TN 37211

Church Office: (615) 832-6385

*Call at least 1 hour before service time for a ride on the church van.


Paul Nelson (Elder):

Tommy Richmond (Elder):

Bob Uldrich (Elder):

Marc Jones (Youth Center Director):

Michael Peters (Minister):

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  1. Aquilla Ose Fleetwood, Jr.

    I am a member of the Dripping Springs, Texas Church of Christ. I am one Christian who is interested in astronomy from a more Biblical point of view. I know how to read ancient Hebrew hieroglyphs which God made rather easy to understand. Why would God put dippers in our night skies? He didn’t! Google, Aquilla Fleetwood, Night Signs. Click on any site to see this one of a kind book cover. I have redrawn most of the constellations which circle near the North Star into ancient Hebrew hieroglyphic word pictures showing us the glory of God by pointing us to Christ. Thanks for any book orders and all prayers for me and this book. God Bless! Aquilla

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