About Us

The Paragon Mills Church Family is currently led by 3 elders who shepherd the congregation: Paul Nelson (left), Bob Uldrich (center), and Tommy Richmond (right).


We also have 4 deacons who set the example in serving and supporting the work of the church: Frank Oglesby (standing left), Ted Rowe (standing center), Harold Cates (standing right), and Lee Copeland (sitting).


Ongoing ministries include:

-Worship and preaching on Sunday mornings and evenings, and Bible classes for all ages (including a nursery) on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings.

-An established Hispanic Ministry with worship and God’s Message in the Spanish language. This work began in June of 2004 under the name Iglesia de Cristo en Paragon Mills.


-A youth center during both school year and summer months to help working moms with a safe environment for their children. The director of the center is Marc Jones.


-Financial support of Edward Short at World Christian Broadcasting.



*Most of the ministering by our members is both planned and spontaneous good works by each woman and man as we live daily and learn of needs and opportunities to serve and bless someone else.

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  1. Pat Oglesby

    Frank and I are so excited to see this new web page. We have worshiped at Paragon Mills since it moved to the Aster Drive address in 1965. Over and over again I hear people say such things as “I love the people here”. ” I love Paragon Mills, though it might be closer somewhere else, I just can’t leave these people. It is home”. Though our home is just a few yards from a bigger congregation, we have no desire to leave Paragon Mills. To quote some others: “It is home”.


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